Rush hour = Hell on wheels 

Oh. My. Gosh.

The traffic on this island is horrendous.

My job is 11 miles away from our home and it took me 50 minutes to get home today. And my AC is broken. Imagine my happiness. No, really. Picture this: Squished lanes in my big Yukon with the windows down, in my black dress, sweating my butt off, country music blaring, and cursing Waze for lying to me about the alternate route not adding any time (it added 10 miserable minutes in my car).

At every stop light, I texted Ric.

There were so many people on the road, I thought the Zombie Apocalypse was at hand. But no, it’s just O’ahu rush hour. If you live on this island and work in Town, then this is your daily reality. Want to live in Ewa where the housing is more affordable? It’s about 25 miles away from Honolulu and a 1.5-2 hour commute…ONE WAY. This traffic rivals LA and NYC any day of the week. And just so you know that this isn’t me being fussy because my AC isn’t working (although it is a total drag):

Most days, my commute is pretty smooth. But the commute going home has been hell for the last two nights. I’m hoping Friday will be smooth sailing. It’s Statehood Day, so I’m thinking there will be less commuters on the road.

One last thought: if the Zombie Apocalypse happens, where the heck would everyone go? It would be better to run to safety than try to get on the highway. Guess I better start marathon training soon.



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