ku’u home

“You’re so lucky to live in Hawai’i!”

I hear that a lot from my friends on the Mainland. And yes, I am grateful to be living here. In my iPhone, I have our house in Washington listed as “Home” and our new address as “Ku’u Home” (my home). And while I love it, I will admit that there are days that I cry because I just want to go Home.

This is one of those days.

I miss my son. I hate not knowing when I’ll see him next. His 21st birthday is in two weeks. Can someone please give him a huge hug and take him out for a drink for me?

I miss my hula ‘ohana. My Monday nights and Saturdays aren’t the same without them. And I hate that I’m too intimidated to find a hālau here.

I miss my village: my hānai daughters, my besties, my awesome friends/neighbors, my church…heck, I even miss my nail lady.

I am confident in the fact that this is where God has called us to be, and as we continue our journey, the homesickness won’t be as painful. But for today, it is overwhelming.





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