A rather blustery day

Madeline and Lester might be on your radar this week. Madeline threatened to wreak havoc the Big Island of Hawai’i yesterday and Lester’s intentions are still unknown.


Hurricanes Madeline and Lester


Ah, the uncertainty of hurricane season in Hawai’i. It starts in June and typically goes through November. All you can do is make sure you’re prepared as you sit and refresh the Hawaii News Now Hurricane Center webpage and anxiously watch the path of the storm. You never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

O’ahu has managed to dodge the brunt of the storms throughout history, with that unfortunate distinction going to Hawai’i Island and Kaua’i. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki pummeled the south shore of Kaua’i, causing $1.8 billion in damage and killing 6 people. The hurricane also destroyed 1,400 homes and severely damaged over 5,000. Rebuilding Kaua’i after Iniki’s destruction is what brought Ric to the Garden Isle. He stayed for 22 years. That was the last “big one”. Ric and my father-in-law keep saying, “We’re due.”


Tropical Storm Darby was our first experience with severe weather. The day before she was set to hit, we went out and looked at the huge waves. The cover photo for The Caba Hale, with Emery looking out at the ocean, was taken on that day. It was windy and only slightly rainy. We talked a little bit about hurricane preparedness with the girls that day, but had the big talk last night.

“Why do we have to have a mattress on top of us?”

“How are we all going to fit in the bathtub?”

“Will the roof blow off?”

“What if we’re at school?”

“What if Maka has to pee?”

Ric answered all their questions, we used “stay calm” instead of “don’t panic” and they went to bed feeling mentally prepared and safe. After our talk, “A Rather Blustery Day” popped into my head. It’s one of the Winnie the Pooh songs that I used to sing to Easton when he was a toddler. If Lester does hit, “blustery” won’t even begin to describe the weather. I think that’s my subconscious at work keeping me in “stay calm” mode.

We’ve looked at the FEMA list and are ready as far as supplies are concerned, with the exception of  toilet paper. That’s a hard thing to keep in stock with three females in the house.

Just do us a favor: when you see a hurricane headed our way, please pray a hedge of protection over the island chain and especially over the thousands of homeless people.

If you want to check the progress of the storm, here are two links:



Ironically, “Here Comes the Sun” is playing on Pandora.




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