A late post, but heartfelt nonetheless. Unfortunately, when you’re the youngest, and your mom has too many balls in the air, your birthday post is delayed.

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Photo by Emery Lemos for Life N Light Photo

The Baby turned 9 in January (she doesn’t like that we still refer to her “the Baby”, but she’s learned to live with it).

At 9-years old, she’s still a mystery to me that continues to reveal itself as time goes by. When she was a toddler, and her personality started to emerge, I was completely stumped. Her two older siblings are wired like me, so I “get” them. She, on the other hand, was/is different. She’s wise beyond her years, holds things inside, thinks before she acts and doesn’t like cheese. My other two children are like me: they live in the moment, wear their emotions on their sleeves, are often impulsive and share my love of cheese. The three of us have often found ourselves amazed at her little nuggets of wisdom. Since the moment she came home from the hospital, she’s added a new dimension to our family.

Happy (belated) birthday Kahealani! We love you and your quirkiness. Don’t ever change.

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The birthday girl with her two older siblings


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